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Adam Jeffrey meets Bill Clinton, photo below

TMJ guest DJ on Sirius/XM Elvis Radio July 22, 10:30am cst
...and twice during Elvis Week - Aug 14, 10:30am / Aug 15, 9pm (candlelight vigil)

TMJ / Elvis Week - see "appearance schedule"

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TMJ Band performs on the American Queen Steamboat - December

TMJ w/Memphis Symphony, Jan. 9, 2016 - "Elvis Love Songs"

More symphony concert events coming up in 2015-2016:

Bowling Green, KY - July 25;
Evansville, IND - Oct. 10 - 11
Augusta, GA - Nov. 19;
Detroit, MI - Nov. 28-29;
Memphis, TN - Jan. 9
Winston-Salem, NC - Feb. 13

St Louis, MO - June 19 (Father's Day)

and more TBA Soon!  See appearance schedule

Terry Mike Jeffrey

Photo: Robert Dye, Graceland/EPE

about CD's, photos, etc., Email: tmj602@aol.com
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Check his appearance schedule for dates
TMJ will be in your area, updated July 17, 2015




Performance video of TMJ's '07-'08 European tours: go to "YouTube", type "Terry
Mike Jeffrey".  Lots of footage from Belgium, France, Norway and more.








"Raised on Elvis, Volume 7"

Includes: "Baby I Don't Care" (remix),
"Fever", "Any Way You Want Me",
"Unchained Melody (Live!), "Moody
Blue" - 19 songs in all

Other TMJ albums:

"Raised on Elvis, Vol. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

"Relentlessly", "Reconciled"


"Merry Christmas"

Go to "TMJ Music" for ordering CDs




Adam Jeffrey, daughter Savannah (black shirt) and friend meeting Bill Clinton, Memphis Airport
July 18, 2015, presenting meals from their Imagine Vegan Cafe to the Prez and his staff


TMJ with the Memphis Symphony, January 2014



The Whole TMJ Family!  JAN 10, 2015, Cannon Center, Memphis   (Photo: John Beach)
L-R: Chase, Adam, Kristie, Angie, Sierra, Olivia, Savannah, TMJ, Debbie, Madalynn



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